AW1 | About us
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About us

Normally we refrain from bragging, but we cannot say enough about our amazing team. We’ll start with our developers. Each developer has 3 or more years of experience and an enthusiasm for both customer service and technology. Further, our developers possess a wide range of skills and experience. No matter the platform, system, industry, or language, our team can meet your needs.
Our customer service staff, business analysts, sales team, developers, and others are here to serve your needs and to provide our UX and UI designers, developers, QA engineers, and other technical personnel with the information they need to serve you best.

Creative workspace


We are a global team of developers, project leaders, support staff and more. We are a young, but a forward thinking company with head office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our skills and customer service acumen are truly unmatched. We are proud to deliver IT outsourcing/outstaffing services to companies worldwide.

Sketching and design


No matter where your company is positioned today, we can help you grow and continue to serve the needs of your customers and employees. We are proud to provide products and services to companies in sectors such as fashion, entertainment, transportation, finance, media, telecommunications and more.



  • Management of Existing IT Systems
  • Vendor Relationship Management And Guidance
  • Modernization of Legacy Systems
  • Software Development And Maintenance Services
  • Training in Improved IT Processes
  • Real Time Decision Support
  • Cost Control And Quality Oriented Systems Management
  • A Partnership With Solution Providers Worldwide That Allows us to Create Custom IT Solutions.



All areas of our organization are committed to working in full cooperation with one another to meet our client’s needs. Whether teamwork means knowledge sharing, providing emergency support, or undergoing cooperative development efforts we have one another’s backs. This enables us to have yours as well.


Our goal is to develop long lasting relationships with our clients. We know the path to making this happens is developing trust. We have identified integrity as being the key element of this. You can expect us to exemplify integrity and ethics in all of your dealings with AW1. We are committed to operating with honesty as our foundation, transparency, and a commitment to doing the right thing.

We apply the principles of integrity in several ways. We will never make promises that we cannot keep. We will price our products and services fairly without hidden fees. Finally, we will never use our expertise to take unfair advantage of a client.


All of our team members are held to the highest standards of professional behaviour. Not only do our developers, support, and other staff members comply with our stringent rules of professionalism, they will comply with yours as well. As a result, they will quickly assimilate with your in house teams.


We can’t help our clients prepare for the future if we rest on our own laurels. That’s why innovation is a top priority. Our team is constantly learning new technologies and mastering new skills. Then, we use what we have learned to create new products and services, as well as developing new procedures and methodologies that improve our ability to meet your needs.

Your competitors are hard at work planning for the future. Your challenge is to not only keep up, you must outdo them at every turn. Let us help you through our innovative products and services.


Because we have the honor and privilege of working with clients worldwide, we also believe that we have a duty to make the world a better place for all. This is why social responsibility is a cornerstone of our business principles.

Social responsibility begins at our home offices. Our facilities are as energy efficient as possible, and we are committed to producing as little waste as possible. In addition to this, we encourage our employees to recycle, use public transportation, and carpool in order to reduce waste.

As an employer, we believe it is our duty to provide fair compensation to our employees as well as a safe and supportive work environment. We continue this commitment by working with vendors and other service providers who have made similar commitments to upholding policies that encourage fair pay structures, inclusivity in hiring and promoting employees, and otherwise adhering to the principles of social responsibility.